Services for Diplomats

Belgium is hosting 87 diplomatic missions to international organisations, 188 bilateral diplomatic missions and 21 consular posts, which make Brussels the number 1 diplomatic location in the world. Diplomats have particular needs, and the ‘one size fits all approach’ most of the removal companies offer does not work for them. At Compas you get tailored services: we fully understand the specific expectations of diplomats and their families. 

Diplomatic Removals

Diplomatic removals are different and more complex than the typical expat move. Diplomats may relocate to remote locations that have special procedures for import clearance. We have a centre of expertise in diplomatic moving and we guide our diplomatic customers in obtaining the necessary diplomatic accreditations and exemptions.

For instance, diplomats don’t have to pay import duties on new cars, but every country still has specific rules for importing personal automobiles that require expert guidance from an expert such as Compas. We offer a wide range of exclusive services, emphasising quality, a personal approach, transparency and comprehensiveness, for each and every client who chooses to work with us.