None of us is as smart as all of us.

– Ken Blanchard

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Vivian is born and raised in the Philipinnes where she obtained a degree in Computer Science. She has worked in Beijing, China at Asian Tigers Mobility and Asian Express International Movers. Vivian is married with a French diplomat which has brought her to Paris where during her 5 year periodshe worked at Bailly Déménagement. Vivian is fluent in English Tagolog, French and Mandarin.


Vivian Gorgonio

Jennifer is born and raised in Paris and actually grew up in the removal industry. Her mother has worked for more 40 years in the insutry and tought her all the ins and outs of the removal industry. Jennifer is very international oriented. She has worked in Paris, France with Lexicon Sterling Relocation and Bailly Déménagement. In London, UK she was with with K2 Corporate Mobility and in Belgium with Ziegler Relocation and Santa Fe Relocations.                                                                                  

Jennifer employee of Compas International Movers