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Looking for an International School

If you are making an international move with your family, it is important to think about a new school for the kids before your arrive. Will it be a public or private school? You decide. In Brussels for example, there are in total 29 international schools. They do not follow the Belgian programme. Some prepare for the European or the international baccalaureate (IB), giving access to virtually any university in the world. They are multilingual, English speaking, or bilingual English-French. The international schools are educating 22,772 pupils in primary and secondary education. As it is the capital of Europe, there are also 4 well-known European schools in Brussels. They are located at Uccle, Woluwe, Ixelles and Laeken and they teach 12,948 pupils. A 5th European school is expected to open its doors soon. The schools with most pupils are the Lycée français Jean Monet (2,750 pupils), ISB (1,400 pupils) and BSB – British School of Brussels (1,350 pupils).

International school search with Compas International Movers

Top 20 International Schools

  1. European School Brussels II  (3,070 pupils)
  2. European School Brussels III (3,097 pupils)
  3. European School Brussels IV (2,834 pupils)
  4. Lycée français Jean Monnet (2,750 pupils)
  5. International School of Brussels (ISB) (1,400 pupils)
  6. The British School of Brussels (1,350 pupils)
  7. Internationale Deutsche Schule Brüssel (770 pupils)
  8. Brussels International Catholic School (619 pupils)
  9. St. John’s International School (625 pupils)
  10. Agnes School (310 pupils)
  11. Bogaerts International School (300 pupils)
  12. Japanese School of Brussels (290 pupils)
  13. Brussels Elementary High School (270 pupils)
  14. Brussels English Primary School (235 pupils)
  15. International Montessori Schools (217 pupils)
  16. International Montessori School (203 pupils)
  17. Ecole Internationale Montgomery (200 pupils)
  18. ISF Waterloo International School (195 pupils)
  19. Nederlandstalige School Prinses Juliana (185 pupils)
  20. British Junior Academy of Brussels (170 pupills)


International school search with compas International Movers