Insurance coverage

Insurance Tips

Compas International Movers provides full insurance coverage. Read the following insurance tips for your international move and do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

1. Make an insurance inventory

Before the first pack day, you should complete an inventory and value your goods. This is a very important step in the removal process. It will ensure that your goods are well covered.

2. Make sure to include all items on the inventory

Items that are not mentioned on the inventory, will not be covered. Therefore it is important that all household goods and other items appear on the inventory list in order to be insured.

3. Make sure to put the replacement value at destination

The declared value should be the replacement value at destination. So what would it cost to replace the items at the country of destination.

4. Dop not use PBO (Packed by Owner)

In case you will pack items yourselves, these goods are declared as PBO ‘Packed by Owner’ by our crew. The items will be excluded from insurance coverage.

5. Do not underestimate the value

In case of damage and a claim, the insurance company will only reimburse the declared value. Under valuing your goods may result in insufficient compensation.

6. Separate the high value items

High value items should be specified separately. We strongly recommend providing as much details and pictures as possible. In some cases, the insurance company might ask for proof of ownership.

7. Take a storage insurance

When your shipment goes into storage, please make sure to ask for a storage insurance extension.

8. Go for the lumpsum option

Estimating the replacement value of your goods is not always easy. Compas has the perfect solution for you: the lumpsum option. We will guarantee a full insurance coverage. No need to complete an inventory, no need to declare values. The lumpsum option guarantees 2,000 EUR/m³.


Insurance tips for relocating abroad