Professional Packaging

Special Packaging Process for Removals

Floor Protection 

Renting a residence, handing over a property: do it in perfect conditions. To make sure to avoid any damages to the property, Compas uses state of the art floor protection and wall cover to avoid damages during the removal.

No plastic - environment

Many moving companies still use bubble wrap or other non-recyclable materials. Not at Compas! We want to have a positive impact and we take recycling seriously.

Packing app

Instead of using the paper handwritten packing inventory, we use a packing app. A hand written inventory is very time consuming and the spelling and legibility can often cause problems with customs. The packing app gives our customers piece of mind. The packing also allows us to take pictures of pre-existing damages. We can share the signed packing inventory electronically with you.


When shipping alcohol overseas, please keep in mind that wine is very sensitive to temperature fluctuations. Beer and champagne are sealed under pressure and are able to stand fluctuations pretty good. Liquor and spirits are also fine because of the high alcohol percentage, but wine is not. To avoid that your wine will go bad, we have special styrofoam insulating cartons. This will help to stabilise the temperature during transportation and preserves the wine.


When you have (sentimentally) valuable paintings, delicate glass and marble tops, special or oversized sculptures, you want to protect them during your move. To ensure this, we make tailor-made crates. The quality of the crating material in combination with our packing method reassures that your unique and delicate pieces arrive in the same condition/the way you delivered them to us at destination.