Compas as your partner for a military move

Is there a new military assignment abroad coming soon for you? This also entails a temporary international move of course. Whether you are moving alone or with your family, you want the entire process to go as smoothly as possible.

Good preparation is very important, but also choosing a reliable partner to relieve you of your worries during your move abroad is essential for a smooth process. At Compas we are experienced in relocating military families and soldiers who go abroad alone. We support your packing process, storing items, moving them internationally, but we also help you with practical arrangements such as insurance, customs duties and more.

Preparing your international military move

Preparing for an international move as a military member involves careful planning, coordination, and adherence to military regulations. It involves more than packing your personal belongings and furniture: bringing them safely to your destination is also a challenge. Compas is your partner for providing the right preparation and planning for your move abroad.

Our team will guide you through the entire moving process and ensures that your move abroad goes as smoothly as possible by identifying all the necessary practical matters in advance.

  • Planning is key: Don't forget communication with the military relocation office to understand specific guidelines and requirement.
  • We support you in arranging all necesarry personal and military documentation. Think of passports, visas or other travel authorization documents for your family.
  • Coordinating with the military housing office for information on your temporary accommodation is an important part when moving abroad for your military deployment.
  • As a military family, there is the challenge at the new location, but if children move with you, they of course also have to go to school. Compas therefore supports you in the search for an international school.
  • We hand out tips for moving abroad with pets.
  • Can't the entire contents come with you? Then we are happy to offer our climate-controlled storage solutions.

Packing service for military forces

Are you military? Then moving is often part of the job. A move, especially an international move, entails many practical arrangements, for instance packing your personal belongings and furniture. Especially when you move abroad with your family for a longer assignment abroad, you want to be able to take personal things with you.

At Compas we take care of the packing of your personal belongings. Our professional packers ensure that everything is well protected during the international move, whether by truck, by sea or by air. This waywe can guarantee that everything will arrive safely at your destination.

Storage solutions

Anyone who temporarily moves abroad does not take all their belongings with them. That is why it can be useful to store the other items somewhere safe. At Compas we offer climate-controlled storage options so that you get your belongings back exactly as you left them.

Your international move made easy

At Compas, our core business is moving your belongings safely and completely to your destination abroad. We ensure that everything is packed, that the move itself is arranged and that everything is delivered at the agreed time and at the agreed location. We also take into account the special nature of military operations and exceptional items that need to be moved, such as the safe and efficient transport of military equipment, vehicles or items such as art.

Depending on the location you are moving to as a military family, we offer removals by land, sea or air. Discover all the possibilities!