Our Storage Solutions

We store everything for you

It’s possible that your new residence is not ready to receive your household goods yet and that your belongings cannot be moved directly into your new home. No worries. Compas will help you with short term storage or last minute storage.

Compas offers all kinds of storage solutions to meet your needs. In addition to household goods, we also have the facilities to store cars, motorbikes, art work, pianos and much more.

Storage solutions of Compas International Movers

Benefits of using Compas storage facilities

  • Fully temperature and climate controlled storage facility
  • High-security storage with CCTV security camera system monitoring the warehouse 24/7, incl. secured fencing
  • Sprinklers and fire suppression systems to protect your personal belongings
  • According to the highest quality standard and government regulations
  • Based near Brussels airport (5 to 10 minute drive) and easily accessible
  • Fully accessible during working hours
  • For temperature and humidity sensitive items: silica gel and moisture absorbers to avoid mould and mildew

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At Compas we offer different furniture storage solutions and the flexibility needed when relocating (internationally) or during renovations. We store furniture in areas specially provided for this purpose in the short and long term.

We understand that the duration of storing your furniture is hard to estimate beforehand and therefore we offer flexibility regarding the duration and the capacity of the storage needed. Also for last-minute storage solutions, Compas is your ideal partner. 

Tips – Prepare the storage of your goods

  • Make sure to clean your items before putting them into storage
  • Defrost and clean your fridge and freezer so that they are completely dry beforehand
  • Avoid plastic bags as it will cause mould and mildew
  • Remove batteries from toys
  • Do not store valuables like cash money, jewellery, stamp collections… in your storage unit
  • The same goes for passports, driving licenses or other important documents
  • Make sure that you have your insurance documents completed before storage
  • Put the items that you might need earlier at the front and centre of your storage unit
Storage services with Compas International Movers

Items not to put into storage

  • Perishable Food
  • Plants
  • Paint
  • Narcotics
  • Chemicals
  • Medicines
  • Hazardous items
  • Wet items
  • Valuables
Items not to put into storage