The Ultimate Moving Abroad Checklist

As an experienced moving company, we know how to guide you through your moving process. Here are some useful tips and tricks for before, during and after the move.

Before the move

1. Research your moving company

You have to make sure that the moving company is reliable and competent to handle your move.

2. Look at moving reviews

Read some Google Reviews to see how customers evaluate their moving experience.

3. Ask difficult questions to the moving company

This will help you to address your concerns. The answers will demonstrate the level of professionalism of the moving company.

4. Compare moving companies

Make sure to compare the services and in particular the charges, to avoid hidden costs.

5. Make a choice

Do not only base your decision on the price, but also on your gut feeling. At the end it will be the company of your choice that will handle your personal belongings.

6. Book you move as soon as possible

The sooner you can confirm the actual move, the better organised your move will be and the less stress will be involved.

7. Sort out your belongings

Please make sure to select the items you will take and not. Keep in mind that certain items are restricted and prohibited to include in your shipment. 

8. Check your electronic devices

Please keep in mind that electronical appliances do not work worldwide, due to differences in voltage (110 vs 220).

9. Think of charity

Consider a donation to charity. This will help the less fortunate people in our society and it will reduce the transport cost.

10. Put you valuables aside

Separate valuable items such as cash money, jewellery, electronic like smartphone, tablets etc. from the actual items to be moved.

Moving checklist Compas International Movers

During the move

1. Start early on the moving day

The sooner the moving company can start in the morning, the more relaxing and earlier the job will be done.

2. Welcome your movers

The more friendly you are with people, the easier they will go the extra mile for you.

3. Make sure your movers use floor protection

Make sure that the movers use floor and wall protection.

4. Do a final walk through

After the removal, do a final check that everything necessary was packed.

5. Say goodbye

Say goodbye to your old home. Welcome your new residence as well as the new chapter in your life.

After the move

1. Start unpacking

After the move, the unpacking and settling in can be viewed as a huge mountain to climb. The best way is just to start unpacking box by box.

2. Unpack all the important boxes

There is so much to do and see in the first days and weeks in your new host country. But it is good to unpack the most important boxes immediately when the move is still fresh in memory.

3. Check for damages

Unfortunately damages can occur during a move. It is important to check the condition and quality of your goods and – if necessary – to file a claim.

4. Throw a house warming party

A house warming party is the perfect opportunity to get to know your neighbours. Or you can invite your future best friends, and to blend in your new environment.

5. Review your moving company

In case the moving company did a good job, it is always nice for the workers to get a ‘thank you’. In case you were not satisfied, you should also share it.

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