Fine art transport

Safe transport of arts

The handling and transport of delicate, high risk and fragile items might sound like a simple task. It’s a risky one though. Fine art removals require specialist service and at Compas International Movers we understand that each piece is unique and priceless. We offer local or international fine art removals. Your artefacts are protected every step of the move. We handle wall-to-wall art relocation via road, air or sea.

Preparation is the starting point of successful art removal. The mix of a good planning and packing methods will ensure a safe transport. We can safeguard your artefacts during transport!

Fine art transport is an art itself. You can rely on Compas.

Compas as your partner for art removal

Every artefact is unique and priceless, so only our certified art handlers can handle your treasures. Our fine arts technicians will pack, collect and handle your fine art pieces with the utmost care. Our succes in fine art transport is due to a number of factors. 

  • Careful planning: A careful planning is the first step in a smooth fine arts removal. As each fine art transport is different, we always choose an individual approach. Together with our clients we determine the perfect scenario for the fine art transport.
  • High quality packing materials: The safe transport of fine arts pieces will largely depend on the quality of packing materials you use. High quality packing materials will safeguard your artefacts against bumps, vibration and shocks. We have a wide range of packing materials and our fine arts experts will advise which material to use. We use paper-faced foam board, padding for the corners and protective tape for the glass frame, as well as acid free tissues and special wax paper.
  • Fine art shipping insurance: We make sure to have your fine arts shipping insurance coverage before the move.
  • Discretion: Our clients value our discretion. We are trusted by corporate and private collectors for which we ensure complete discretion.
Fine arts removal with Compas International Movers