Compas as your partner for expat relocations

Are you an expat working for a foreign branch of the company? Or is there a new foreign challenge coming soon?You should be able to focus on the professional aspect, without losing a lot of time and energy on the practical side and burden of an international move.

By calling on Compas International Movers, you (and your family) are assured of a smooth international move, from documentation and obligations to the shipping of your personal belongings.

Preparation for your international move as an expat

An international move involves a lot more than packing personal belongings and bringing them safely to your location. Although that is the focus of Compas International Movers, we also help expats with everything else involved in an international move.

We provide the right preparation and planning, so that you and your family can embark on your expat adventure without any worries. Our team will guide you through the entire moving process and ensures that your move abroad goes as smoothly as possible by identifying all the necessary practical matters in advance.

  • Compas helps you arrange documentation for your family and yourself, such as a checklist for work permits, visas, insurance papers...
  • As an expat you have your challenge at the new location, but if children move with you, they of course also have to go to school. Compas therefore supports you in the search for an international school.
  • We hand out tips for moving abroad with pets.
  • Can't the entire contents come with you? Then we are happy to offer our climate-controlled storage solutions.

Packing and moving service for expats

Is your international move getting closer? Then it is time to pack your personal belongings. At Compas International Movers we believe it is important to offer a professional packing service. This way you don't have to worry about safely packing your belongings yourself, which iswhere successful transport without damage starts. We always use the highest quality materials when packing. Does something inconvenient occur? No worries, your belongings are insured during the complete international move.

Depending on the location you are moving to as an expat, we offer relocations by land, sea or air.