Compas as a moving partner for companies

Is the company opening a new branch abroad? Will a number of employees temporarily take up a position in another country? There are several reasons why employees move internationally for their job. As an HR manager, it is up to you to support these colleagues in the best way possible. How? By providing the right moving partners, tools and documentation.

Compas helps HR, Global Mobility and employees ensure a well-prepared move

For employees, a transfer abroad is an exciting step in their carreer. And this will undoubtedly bring many changes for their family as well.

As an HR employee or Global Mobility responsible for companies, you can help them with many things, such as documentation required for the international move; Work permit and residence permit, visa, healthcare, banking... Good preparation is important for you and for the employee (and family) who is moving. By providing a complete checklist, you make sure nothing is overlooked or forgotten.

At Compas we not only ensure a smooth international move, but we also provide support in preparing your employees for the move.

Financial support for employees moving internationally

A temporary international move is expensive. Is it the company that asked an employee to move to another department abroad? A certain part of the financial burden of the move should be carried by the company, but it is the HR-department of Global Mobility department who arranges everything financially. 

A permanent moving partner for companies makes the process easier, because we take care of as much as possible. In addition, at Compas you enjoy financial transparency when your employees move internationally, whether it involves a diplomatic move, a family moving to another European country or an employee moving solo across the globe. 

A transparant insight in the costs of an international move is important for your employees and for you as an HR manager, therefore we are happy to provide free quotation options. This way you are able to find out immediately whether the practical side of the international move fits into the companies' budget. 

Provided you have good practical and financial preparation, the moving process for your employees will run smoothly. At Compas we take care of the entire move, to completely unburden HR-or Global Mobility Officers and managers. 

Are you having your employees moved by Compas International Movers? Here is what to expect:

  • Compas ensures good preparation and planning, an individual approach taken into account. Thanks to our professional packing service, your employees' belongings will be ready in time for their international or European move. This is the only way to ensure everything arrives at its destination safely. 
  • Being able to reassure your employees about the move of their personal belongings creates trust; Compas ensures the shipped goods to be insured. Discover our insurance coverage. 
  • Our qualified team guarantees a smooth move to and from any country in the world. What is important: the decision must be made by a Belgian HR department or employee.

Our international moving process


Compas International Movers offers international moving services for companies and organizations. Both in Belgium and the rest of the world, you can rely on a relocation solution from Compas, always with an approach tailored to your employees or to the company.

Would you like to know more about collaborating with Compas as a partner for international or European removals?