Moving to Australia - everything you need to know for your international move

Australia's unique landscapes, diverse wildlife, and vibrant cities have long been a magnetic pull for adventurers seeking a new chapter. Are you busy planning your Australian adventure? With approximately 7 million expats from the EU and other countries around the world, Australia has created pathways for every individual that wants to start a new life in the country.

Discover below what you definitely need to know, what you should take into account and what you can expect from an international move to 'the land down under'.

Preparing your big move

Moving internationally involves meticulous planning. There is paperwork to take into account, custom regulations and other must-do's before you leave. If you want to move to Australia, you must get a valid Australian visa. However, returning Australian citizens can easily move back to the country without a visa. The type of visa you need depends on how long you plan on staying in Australia and what you will do during that time.

Are you moving to Australia indefinitely? Make sure to apply for a long-stay visa and to obtain a residence permit. Australia issues a number of visas for everyone who wishes to move into the country. First, however, you need to choose the type of visa that corresponds to why you want to move to Australia. Are you moving to Australia for work, then you should appply for any type of work visa. 

Working in Australia

Most work visas are permanent visas, which will help you become a permanent resident of Australia. Australia issues several types of work visas; therefore, obtaining a work visa might be an easy pathway to move to Australia. Many Australian work visas are issued to highly skilled workers, and you can apply for permanent residence or citizenship after spending a limited time in Australia. 

If you don’t have a job offer yet before moving, Australia does have a list of skilled occupations that highlight areas of work it is looking to improve and where they invite expressions of interest from potential immigrants.


Tips & tricks for your Australian move

Visa, passport and papers are of the utmost importance when moving to Australia, but there are some other things you need to know when moving to the land of Oz. 

  • Make sure you have insurance for your move
  • Research banks and get local currency for when you first arrive
  • Research states and cities if you don’t know where you want to live yet
  • If you don’t already have a job, start researching
  • If you have kids, investigate school options and start the enrolment process
  • Make sure you’ve got somewhere to stay for the first couple of weeks
  • Are you moving with pets? Investigate the must-do's for travelling with pets to Australia

Your arrival in Australia

With its unique environment and flora and fauna, Australia has some strict rules on importation to help protect its biodiversity. Food, plant material, animals and animal products are all strongly regulated and there may be quarantine requirements. There are even restrictions for moving things like plants, fruit, agricultural machinery, animals, and recreational equipment between states.

Luckily, the Australian government website provides lots of information about customs regulations to help you work your way through. Links will help you with importing your shipping, but if you have anything on the plane with you that you’re in doubt about, just declare it. The penalties for bringing in something prohibited or not following quarantine requirements are high. 

The land down under - living in Australia

The Aussie Way of Life

From "G'day mate" to the laid-back lifestyle, there are tons of cultural nuances that make Australia unique. How do Aussies spend their weekends? What are the must-try foods? Settling into a new country involves building connections and finding your community, getting to know the culture. 

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