Your partner for international moving is moving itself

A few years ago, the ownership and management of Compas International Movers has changed completely, and with that change, an evolution started; We experienced (and are still experiencing) exponential growth in Information Technology and Operations. The constant urge for implementing innovative methods is key to keep on pushing this growth. And when we say innovative, we mean on every level; Therefore we are currently building a brand new warehouse and office.

The need for new office space

Lately we started noticing that our current office became too small, some of our employees have even been working remotely on a permanent basis due to the lack of space. With the new office we want to provide our employees with a spacious new place to work.

But there is more: We are also striving for an increase in comfort for our people. That is why our new location will equal a much more attractive work environment to inspire and motivate everyone who is working there. Nevertheless we will continue to stimulate a hybrid way of working, for a perfect alternation between office work and working from home or elsewhere. See? Our brand new office is meant to support flexible work styles in every possible way.

Our new building - An emphasis on sustainability

This new office and warehouse coming soon motivates us to embrace a way of working that is 100% digital. That is only one of our efforts to emphasize sustainability. Next to that, our new building itself will be environmentally friendly since it is designed with an exterior facade system to reduce the energy required for air conditioning, as well as a structure that promotes natural ventilation. Next to that, we foresee some logical adjustments regarding sustainability, like charging stations for our electric cars, vans and trucks.

The construction countdown

The construction of our new warehouse and office started in the beginning of 2022 and will be soon finished, by March 2023.

The whole Compas team is looking forward to moving to our new location in a few months.