Why you should take an additional insurance when moving abroad

What is a moving insurance?

Just like there are multiple types of moves, there are also different kinds of insurances.

  • Released value coverage: this is the absolute minimum of value protection and is always included in your moving quote. This regularly covers a value lower than the usual commercial value of a commodity.
  • Full value coverage (valued inventory): this kind of coverage assures that your moving company will replace the real value of the damaged or lost items. This includes every item where the moving company is directly involved in. To apply for this kind of insurance you need to make up a complete inventory and value your goods.
  • Full value coverage (lumpsum): this kind of insurance guarantees full coverage without completing an inventory. If anything happens you would get an average amount of 2000 EUR/m³.
  • Third-party insurance: this is an additional moving insurance you can take to cover yourself for high valuable items or to cover damage from:
    • Items that have not been packed by the movers
    • Natural disasters that damage gods
    • Container ships that sink, are hijacked or catch fire

What is not included in the insurance of a moving company?

A moving company like Compas covers full insurance for you. This includes everything the moving company is directly involved in. However, in some cases the moving company is not responsible. This is where the additional third-party assurance comes into place.

Tips for protecting your goods during an international move

  • Hire a reliable moving company: The best way to choose an international moving company is via a personal recommendation of a friend, a neighbor or an acquaintance who has recently moved. Another option would be via an Internet review on objective platforms like Google Reviews or Sirelo.
  • Make sure everything is packed carefully: Makes sure your moving firm uses quality packing supplies and techniques, the right boxes, and protective materials.
  • Take photos of all your belongings before moving: If you take photos of your items, you can show a before and after photo in case you file a claim.


When relocating internationally, an additional moving insurance is really recommended. This kind of insurance makes sure your household goods are covered in case anything happens where the moving company is not directly involved in. Consider it an extra piece on mind.

To conclude we would like to give you the tip to always check with your moving company what is covered and what is not. This way, you won’t risk that your items are not covered in the end. If you need additional advice regarding this topic, please feel free to contact us.