Tips for Moving with Pets

Moving Abroad with Pets?

An International removal is very stressful for people, but also for your pets. After all, we cannot explain what is going on or what is going to happen. Your pets can get stressed out and anxious. The current residence is their territory which they have to leave. Here are 10 tips that might be useful when you move with pets.

1. Explore what is needed to import your pet inthe the new host country

2. Make an appointment with your vet to get all the shots - for example against rabies

3. Get your pet accustomed to the travel cage - leave the door open

4. The hectic during packing of your personal belongings can create stress for your pet - put it in a separate room or at a friends' residence during the packing process

5. Include a few of his favourite toys or a blanket so he feels at ease

6. Welcome your pet to your new home

7. Keep the same routine after the move

8. Find a new vet in the new country

9.  Make your new home pet-friendly

10. Enjoy the new host country with your pet