Corporate/employee relocation

An employee relocation system (moving employees from one location to another) pays off. Not only is the opportunity to work abroad appealing to most job seekers, research also shows that companies who invest in corporate relocations have better employee retention.

Compas as your partner for relocating employees

If your company wants to invest in international employee relocations or if you already do so for quite a while, you might want to consider establishing a partnership with a reliable international moving company. This way, you can make the employee relocation as easy and appealing as possible for your employees and their families. Also, a collaboration with Compas enables you as a company to develop a leading mobility program where minimal input from your side is necessary, which saves time for both the assignee as your company.

At Compas, our goal is to provide your employee with a stress-free move and a faster return-to-productivity mindset. Over the years, we developed different ways to differentiate ourselves from other moving companies:

  • We develop an individual corporate relocation plan: we understand your needs are unique, therefore we always start by developing an individual employee moving plan, tailored to your needs. 
  • We are the best planners: we know for a fact that planning is key to a successful employee relocation. We keep every possible scenario in mind so that there are no surprises at any time.
  • We can take on the entire burden: we do more than just pack boxes. We take on the entire burden. For example: we can provide full insurance coverage, intermediate storage, or advise international schools for your employees’ kids. We provide all necessary services to make the employee relocation as smooth and stress-free as possible.
  • We think about the families: we know that when there is dissatisfaction at any point, the employee might want to back out, resign or turn home. We understand that the more support we demonstrate to a spouse and children, the better they will feel about the move.  
  • We provide constant support: we can give advice around different subjects and help your employees with settling in in the new country of destination.
Relocating services for companies (Compas)

Our employee relocation services

Compas provides a wide range of corporate relocation services to support HR Departments around the world with the international mobility of their employees. We serve both multinational companies with internal mobility programs as smaller companies that are looking for an employee relocation assistance partner. 

  • Immigration support: A moving company like Compas can always give advice that requires specific industry knowlegde. These are things like obtaining a visa or work permit. 
  • Intermediate storage: If the employee is still looking for a new home, or if the new place is not ready upon arrival, we can help with storage services. This both for short as long term.This way, the employee can finalize their plans.
  • Transporation: Whether your employees are relocating regularly within Europe or outside of Europe, Compas will make the transportation itself as stress-free as possible.
  • Full insurance coverage: Within our corporate relocation package, we offer full insurance coverage in case your employee's belongings are unexpectedly lost or damaged. 
  • Destination support: Compas will make sure that your employees can settle comfortably into their new residence. We help you get unpacked so you can feel at home right away. Our focus is to be a valuable partner throughout the whole moving process.

Why you should not cut back when choosing a corporate moving partner

It makes sense to save money by cutting back on the moving allowances and expenses or using lump-sum programs. But unfortunately, this can result in increased employee frustration and stress. Then again, this can result in a negative impact on your company’s bottom line. The more time your employee needs to spend on his move, the less time he will have available to focus on the work of training and transitioning into the new position.

Why you should take a moving partner

Interested in our corporate relocation services?

We have already worked with a wide range of companies. We always try to adapt our service to particular company policies, needs, timelines and budgets. When you choose Compas corporate moving company for relocating your international employees, you will have a reliable and dedicated partner by your side. Please contact us for more information.