International Move

Moving internationally? Whether you are moving to the US, moving to Canada, moving to Mexico or somewhere else, Compas International Movers is your partner in stress-free moving.  

International removal services

Besides making sure that everything gets to its destination safely and securely, we can give you and your family expert advice regarding the transport options, international schools, insurance etc. Specifically, we provide services for different groups that decide to move abroad:

  • International moving services for diplomats: our knowhow regarding special procedures for diplomats makes us the perfect partner for diplomatic moves.
  • International moving services for expats: we offer the best expat relocation services, including school search, spousal assistance, insurance coverage and vehicle transport.
  • International moving services for companies: If your company is keen on employee relocations, a reliable partner by your side is certainly the way to go.
International removal services Compas International Movers

Third party international moves

On top of international removals from and to Belgium, Compas organizes international relocations to and from any other country in the world. Only the decision has to be made in Belgium. This is how Compas can serve you for all your international adventures.

Packing for an international removal

Once your legal documents are in order and you found a place to stay, it is time to plan your international relocation and to start packing your belongings. We can pack your entire household, including fragile or breakable items and fine arts.

Packing for an international move with Compas International Movers

Working together with a top-level international moving company in Belgium?

We already have many international removal projects on our record of achievement, but we still continue to look at each project individually. Some examples of international removals we can organize:

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