Expat relocation

Are you an expat moving to Belgium or moving away from Belgium and did your company send you abroad for a new project? Whether it is the first time or already the fourth or fifth time, the stress of moving to another country keeps coming back. Expat relocation abroad is not only about moving your possessions abroad, it is more like adapting a new life. 

Luckily, we offer the best expat relocation services, including professional visa advice, school search, insurance coverage and vehicle transport.  And not to forget: the safe transport of your goods. We organise international removals to and from pretty much any country in the world, whether you are moving to the United States, to France or to Japan. 

Our advisors provide you with updated information around country policies and try to make your move run as smoothly as possible. This way, you can avoid the pitfalls that are connected to expat relocation and you can fully focus on your job, family and starting a new life.

Compas Movers services for expats

Our services for expats

Our key to expat relocation success comes in different ways:

  • Planning and preparation: we believe planning is the key to a successful relocation. Before the actual move, we make sure every document and application is taken care of. 
  • The actual move: whether you are moving across Europe or to another continent; Compas provides you with the best personal service. Thanks to professional packing techniques we can get everything safely to the other side of the world, even fragile items or fine art pieces.
  • After service: our expat relocation services don't end after arrival. We can help you with settling in, so you feel comfortable in your new habitat right away. For example we can help you with finding an international school for your kids.

Removal services from and to expats

The main part of the Compas team consists of people with an international background and who are expats themselves. They know what it is like planning an international move and relocating to another country, so they can advise you based on their own experiences. At Compas we also understand that relocation is not only a physical transition, but perhaps just as much an emotional one. Therefore, we recognize the need for emotional support for you and your family.

expat relocation services with Compas

Looking for a professional expat mover for your employees?

If you are a company that faces a lot of international relocations, we can also establish a partnership for relocating your employees. You can count on Compas for efficiently organising the relocation of your international employees/ expats. Interested? We are happy to give you more information about our services. Get in touch via the form below!

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