Tips for international car shipping

If you are planning on moving internationally, you might want to take your trusted vehicle with you. In this article, we're happy to guide you to the process of international car shipping. 

Start planning and preparing as early as possible

If you decide to take your car with you, you have to start planning and preparing as soon as possible in order to make a decision that is best for you and your budget. Although car shipping is quite expensive, it is still cheaper than buying a new car in the destination country. Note that we are only talking about moving a car by boat, since air car transport can be very expensive and merely designated for very rare and valuable cars.


Shipping car abroad with Compas International Movers

9 tips for shipping your car overseas

1. Check the import rate of your new country

Some countries will only allow car import when providing the necessary import permit and paying of duties and taxes. Check the amount of percentages of these import duties to avoid unexpected costs.

2. Obtain a local driver's licence

Many countries will accept an international driver's licence, but only for a short period of time. After that, it might be best to opt for a local driver's licence. Do some research beforehand so you know exactly what to expect. 

3.Wash the outside of the car

Your car and chassis need to be cleaned before shipping. Customs will check on dirt and dust as they may result in rejection to ship your car.

4. Clean the inside of the car

Cleaning the interior of the car means mainly to take out phone chargers, removable gps, car air freshener, irrelevant documents, children car seats.

5. Have a full check up by your garage

We recommend a car maintenance be an authorized service before moving your car. This way, you make sure your car is in a good technical condititon for the trip. Also, you have one less thing to worry about.

6. Have the gas tank a quarter full

Most countries have requirements in terms of how much gas can be in the car. Make sure that the gas tank is not full, but just suficient for transport. Consider ¼ of the gas tank as ideal.

7. Empty the car

Make sure to remove all items from the car. Do not put any items in the car for transport, like boxes in the trunk. Generally, you can only leave things in the car that are directly related to it, like jumper cables or a spare tire. 

8. Make sure the battery is charged

The vehicle will be immobile for several weeks in a container. To avoid starting problems of your vehicle upon arrival, please make sure to charge your battery.

9. Do a verhicle inspection with the moving company

It is standard procedure to let your moving company like Compas do car inspection on pre-existing damages. 

Contact Compas for the transport of your car

Besides the moving of household goods, pets and more, we can also organise the transport of your car. Wherever you go, Compas Moving Company Brussels can help you.