Tips for moving with kids

One of the most common reasons expats back out or stay less time than planned in a new location is the inadequate support for children and spouse. A first step in this journey is always the move to a new location. If you take the following tips into account, in combination with careful planning and preparation, we believe the move will run more smoothly. 

Relocating with children

Moving abroad is not only challenging for you and your spouse. For children too, there is an enormous amount of stress involved. When moving abroad, children need to say goodbye to their friends, teachers and community. This can be overwhelming. On the other hand children are resilient and incredibly strong and are able to accustom easily to a new situation. If you take the time to explain them what to expect, involve them and listen to their concerns, you can make this moving adventure a positive experience.

Tips for moving with kids from Compas international movers

10 tips for moving with kids

1. Have a family meeting

A family meeting allows you to emphasise why you are moving abroad and what impact it will have on your children. This is also a good time to answer the first questions that arise. In this way, children will have a better idea of what awaits them

2. Stimulate your kids to raise questions

Questions and doubts your kids express can give you an idea of how they feel about the move. Take your time to communicate about these topics and try to understand their concerns.

3. Get the kids involved in the move

This is good moment to emphasize that this move is a family event. Make sure that everybody of the family will be part of planning, packing and choosing the new residence. Letting them pack with you, is not only a great opportunity to sort out their toys, they also can see with their own eyes how you pack their personal belongings. 

4. Start engaging the new culture

Learning your kids about the new culture before and during the move can make the process of adapting run more gradually. Teach them for example about table rituals or learn them a few words in the new language. 

5. Be positive about the move

Your attitude about the move will influence the attitude of your kids. Be positive and enthusiastic about the opportunities ahead of you, and your children will be as well.

6. Have a goodbye party

Children love a celebration, so give your kids the opportunity to say goodbye to their friends. It is a great way to turn the move into a positive experience.

7. Take extra kids clothing during the trip

We all know kids can make a mess, so please make sure to have sufficient extra clothes on hand during the removal. You never know when you might need them.

8. Maintain familiy routines

When arriving at your new home, there will be a lot of changes for your kids. Maintaining certain routines will be very important for your kids.This can be things like bed time or signing them up for a weekly sports class. 

9. Do not rush with the unpacking

Take your time to unpack slowly and gradually. If you unpack all the boxes at once, you will create piles of empty cartons and stuff everywhere, which will create unnecessary stress. It might also help to let your kids unpack their boxes themselves so they can give their personal items a nice place in their new room/house. 

10. Make it feel like home

One of the most important things for a smooth settling in, is making your kids feel at home. Take as many of their trusted items abroad as possible. Create a cosy place and take some time to reflect as a family. 

Decided to move with children?

Compas knows the moving process has to be comfortable for the whole family. If you have any questions regarding the subject, or if you are deciding to move with your children and are looking for a reliable and children-friendly moving partner, please feel free to contact us! 

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