Moving internationally

Moving internationally is a major event in someone's life. Chances are you are already worried about the changing culture, people and job. The last thing you need is to be worried about the international relocation process. On this page we have collected the most important information about international removals. Do you have any other questions? Don't hesitate to contact us!

6 questions that pop up when moving internationally (and their answers)

What is the price of an international move?

The price on your international moving quote depends on a few criteria. Are you planning on taking every househould item with you? Are you moving intra- or inter european? Do you want additional services like storage, pet relocation or handyman services? All these factors will have an impact on the final price. 

How do I find the best international mover for me?

If this is your first time moving internationally, you'd better take the time to do some careful research. After all, your moving company is shipping some of your most valuable items abroad. Your choice of an international moving partner also depends on the goods you are shipping, the available budget, and the level of service you expect. Depending on your answers to these items, the choice of moving company may be different. Luckily we wrote an interesting blog article about the things to consider when choosing an international removal company.

How do I pack for an international furniture move?

Once your legal documents are in order and you found a place to stay, it is time to plan your international relocation and to start packing your belongings. You can do this by yourself or you can look for a professional moving company. An international remover can pack your entire household goods, including fragile or breakable items and fine arts.

How do I move internationally with pets?

Moving internationally with pets can be a complex operation that requires several customs documents, vaccinations and health checks. A moving company like Compas also wants your pet to arrive safely in the country of destination. We can provide proper guidance for moving your pet abroad, since we offer pet relocation services international.

Do I need storage services when moving internationally?

If you cannot move directly into your new home, or if you decide not to move all your furniture internationally, you can look for storage facilities. Whether you need short or long term storage, Compas will take care of your belongings while living abroad. 

What is the best transport option for moving furniture internationally?

For an international move there are several transport options available. For a European move, we almost all the time recommend a road shipment since this reduces administrative work like customs. For moving overseas you are probably better off with air freight or sea freight. Depending on the volume and the moving deadlines, one option will be better than the other. Compas can give you advice regarding the subject. 

Other questions? 

Since there is a lot involved in an international move, including project-dependent matters, we are happy to advise you personally. Be sure to contact us. 

International moving services for different groups

Besides making sure that everything gets to its destination safely and securely, we can give you and your family expert advice regarding the transport options, international schools, insurance etc. Specifically, we provide services for different groups that decide to move your house internationally:

  • International moving services for diplomats: our knowhow regarding special procedures for diplomats makes us the perfect partner for diplomatic moves.
  • International moving services for expats: we offer the best expat relocation services, including school search, spousal assistance, insurance coverage and vehicle transport.
  • International moving services for companies: If your company is keen on employee relocations, a reliable partner by your side is certainly the way to go.
  • International moving services for individuals: Temporary moving abroad with your family? Compas is here to personally advise you about relocating internationally, about furniture storage, relocating your pets and shipping your belongings.

Compas organizes international relocations to and from any other country in the world. Only the decision has to be made in Belgium. This is how Compas can serve you for all your international adventures.

International removal services Compas International Movers

FIDI Certified International Moves

As from this year, Compas is officiallly certified by FIDI-FAIM. The latter is a leading quality standard for international removalists. This standard ensures that international moves are handled with great care, both in the departure and destination country. FIDI members must score at least 70% at each quality parameter or competence area: 

  • Consistent quality of service
  • Supply chain performance
  • Compliance with industry standards & international regulations
  • Financial stability
FIDI certified international remover Compas
FAIM/FIDI certified moving company Compas

Different ways to move internationally

Depending on your destination country, there are different possibilities to ship your belongings to your new home:

  • Sea freight: Moving your belongings overseas by ship could be a costefficient way of shipping everything to your destination country. At Compas we provide container for shipping solutions for international relocations. 
  • Air freight: In case you are planning on moving rather far, moving your belongings through air freight could be a great solution. Disadvantages are higher costs and a limitation to weight, but it is certainly worth considering if you have a tight timeline.
  • Land freight: At Compas, we mostly opt for shipping belongings over land, since it is a costeffective and rather fast way of moving all your belongings at once. Furthermore, it is a flexible way of shipping.

International moving advice

  • Each country has its own restrictions, so research which items are restricted or prohibited
  • Your possessions (furniture, laptop, camera…) may be taxable when you move them. The amount of tax is determined by a percentage of the value of your possessions and depends on where you are moving to.
  • There are several essential documents that you will need when moving abroad, from your passport to your visa. Make sure that this is all in order. Your document to moving your belongings also need to be in order. At Compas, we’re here to help.
  • Be aware that shipping your things abroad can take several months, so be sure to take all the things you need right away.

Working together with a top-level international moving company in Belgium?

Whether you are moving to the United States, Canada, Mexico or elsewhere, Compas International Movers is an international moving company and your partner of choice for a stress-free move.

We already have many international removal projects on our record of achievement, but we still continue to look at each project individually. Some examples of international removals we can organize:

  • Moving to the US
  • Moving to Canada
  • Moving to Mexico
  • Moving to Brazil
  • Moving to Australia
  • Moving to China
  • Moving to Japan
  • Moving to India
  • Moving to Dubai
  • Moving to UAE
  • Moving to Singapore
  • Moving to the Middle East
  • Moving to Africa
  • Moving to Hong Kong
  • Moving to Qatar
  • Moving to South Africa
  • Moving to Asia
  • Moving to Russia
  • Moving to Turkey